Our Mission: To glorify God by making disciples across cultural boundaries by proclaiming and practicing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values:

  • We value God and His call to mission  
  • We value all people and desire that every person encounter the gospel  
  • We value sustainable, transformative communities of Jesus followers  
  • We value our workers  
  • We value a culture of generosity and stewardship of all God’s resources  
  • We value diverse, authentic community in which we can thrive and grow  
  • We value strategic collaboration  
  • We value creativity in life and ministry

Missional Actions: Our team of workers remains committed to change nations through transformed people by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are:

  • Reaching lost people everywhere with the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ  
  • Planting communities of Jesus followers that are indigenous, reproducing, and transformative  
  • Equipping servant leaders of grace and truth that are committed to equipping transformative disciples for works of service  
  • Caring for people in need through holistic Kingdom initiatives that include crisis response, capacity building, and community development

Missional Priorities: Working alongside individuals, churches, and their leaders, we are fulfilling Christ’s mission to bring hope and life to every place in the world that the Lord leads, guided by five missional areas of focus:

  1. Least reached peoples
  2. The world’s next generation
  3. The poor and marginalized
  4. Those who live in growing urban contexts
  5. Those in the marketplace